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 About Puerto Fuy ˆ
Located between mountains, rivers, forests and the majestic Lake Pirehueico, emerges the small town of Puerto Fuy.
In the mountain ranges of the new "Region de los Rios", and at the gateway of Chilean Patagonia, its exuberant nature surprises and delights the visitor, beautiful scenery and an extensive beach provide for the ideal location for rest and Water sports.
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 Activities possible around Puerto Fuy ˆ
Puerto Fuy, with its exuberant natural surroundings, is the ideal place to enjoy various sports activities.
-- Walks with progressive degrees of complexity
-- Fly-fishing and traditional fishing in the surrounding lakes
-- Kayak trips on Lake Pirehuieco
-- Cycling and Mountain biking on the nearby trails
-- Rafting the Fuy River
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 Accommodation ˆ
Marina del Fuy Hotel's "Home & Experience" is an invitation to explore and discover a wonderful natural destination on the west shores of the Pirehueico Lake.
In the Marina del Fuy Hotel & Lodge you will encounter a warm and delicate family atmosphere, combined with a rustic architecture and design.
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 Fauna ˆ
Chile's dense forests hide puma, the rare pudú (a miniature deer) and prolific bird life, including the Chilean torrent duck.
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 Flora ˆ
Southern Chile's evergreen temperate rainforest - also known as the Valdivian rainforest- contains some 25% of the world's remaining reserves of this vastly productive forest community.
Even more impressive are old-growth stands of alerce, a towering conifer that ranks as the second longest-lived tree in the world.
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 The Hua-Hum ferry ˆ(sp)
Spectacle and a "once in a lifetime experience" awaits the passenger boarding Puerto Fuy on the Hua-Hum ferry. Sailing 26 miles over the majestic Lake Pirehueico which links the Carrine pass situated in the liquine Valley with its thermals, the Tromen pass in the Pucon zone and the Perez Rosales pass near Osorno. The so-called Seven Lakes - Panguipulli, Calafquén, Pirehueico, Pellaifa, Riñihue, Neltume and Pullinque - comprise the most spectacular hydrographic network of southern Chile called the "Basin Lacar Valdivia". Info: tel. +56-63-310436, +56-63-310435.
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The weather in Puerto Fuy
Mon. 02  max. 19°C
Tue. 03  min. 9°C
max. 20°C
Wed. 04  min. 7°C
max. 23°C
Thu. 05  min. 5°C
max. 24°C
Fri. 06  min. 6°C
max. 25°C
Marina del Fuy Lodge

Located on the shores of the lake and surrounded by volcanoes and mountainous peninsulas populated with native flora and fauna, the exuberant nature of the place creates an atmosphere ideal for a comfortable almost magical stay.
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Cascade International Cycling Tour

Cycling the Lake District
For 12 days you will be visiting protected wild areas and observe endemic birds, learn about some of the most active Chilean volcanoes, and hike through native temperate rain forest.
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Crossing the Pirihueico Lake in kayak

Duration: 4 days 3 nights.
Pirihueico Lake is one of "The Seven Lakes" in southern Chile. The lake is of glacial origin and it is enclosed by mountain ranges of the Andes.
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Rafting and Trekking in the area

Rucapillan expeditions provides guided trekking tours (including volcano ascents) in the area as well as rafting on the Fuy river.
Grade of Difficulty: Class III-IV (scale I-VI), no previous experience necessary.
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