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Fishing & Fly Fishing.
The comfortable lodges and the big Atlantic salmon, brown and rainbow trout, that rise quickly to your fly, make southern Chile the jewel of trout fishing in the southern hemisphere.
Fly Fishing the rivers and lakes of Chile is an experience that an angler never forgets. Trout and salmon are not native. Brown, rainbow and brook trout were introduced for sport in the late 1800's, while cohos, steelheads, king and Atlantic salmon didn't happen upon the scene until the last decades, when they were brought for the aquaculture industry. Today there are both resident and coastal trout and salmon in most major river systems in the south.
Around the Lake Pirihueco abundant precipitation and extensive river systems assure cool oxygen-rich conditions.
Fishing season is from the first friday in November untill the first sunday in May
 Trekking & walks
Walks with progressive degrees of complexity are possible directly from from town, allowing you to discover the landscape around the edge of the lake, the nature trails by the river Fuy and beautiful views of native forest.
The surrounding scenary is very beautiful with a view of Choshuenco volcano and forested mountains in all directions.
Lake Pirihueico is approximately 13,000 acres in size (20 square miles), roughly 14 miles in length and surrounded by abundant native vegetation and, because its streams are rough with steep rocky banks, few beaches are good for camping.
The water of the lake is an exquisite transparent blue/green color.
A majority of the coastal frontage stretching along the 20 miles of Lake Pirihueico has been dedicated to wildlife and habitat conservation.
Because of the shape and geographic location of this lake, the wind usually blows from west to East. youtube
 Mountain biking & Cycling
The Chilean Lake District is particularly suitable to mountain biking. It is possible to tour here on a mountain bike using old forest roads and little used tracks to get around the area. With a landscape of snow capped volcanoes, deep valleys, lakes and forests, set against the awesome backdrop of the Andes - this is an area of outstanding natural beauty.
The Fuy River drains Lago Pirinhuenco in Puerto Fuy. The clear warm water runs in the shadows of Volcan Choshuenco before dropping in to the first gorge for the upper section. The rapids start off with a good class III+ warm up for about a mile, before reaching the waterfall section. Posa Leona, a 9-meter drop, is the first and activities/viewerst rapid on the river. The following five drops are at most 16 feet tall, and then the run turns back into class III boogie water. After Neltume the Fuy drops into another canyon with the spectacular Posa Huilo Huilo (90 foot waterfall).
Downstream, the lower section is a great beginner/intermediate class III run with technical big water features and some great play spots for the paddler looking to catch some waves.
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The weather in Puerto Fuy
Mon. 02  max. 19°C
Tue. 03  min. 9°C
max. 20°C
Wed. 04  min. 7°C
max. 23°C
Thu. 05  min. 5°C
max. 24°C
Fri. 06  min. 6°C
max. 25°C
Marina del Fuy Lodge

Located on the shores of the lake and surrounded by volcanoes and mountainous peninsulas populated with native flora and fauna, the exuberant nature of the place creates an atmosphere ideal for a comfortable almost magical stay.
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Cascade International Cycling Tour

Cycling the Lake District
For 12 days you will be visiting protected wild areas and observe endemic birds, learn about some of the most active Chilean volcanoes, and hike through native temperate rain forest.
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Crossing the Pirihueico Lake in kayak

Duration: 4 days 3 nights.
Pirihueico Lake is one of "The Seven Lakes" in southern Chile. The lake is of glacial origin and it is enclosed by mountain ranges of the Andes.
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Rafting and Trekking in the area

Rucapillan expeditions provides guided trekking tours (including volcano ascents) in the area as well as rafting on the Fuy river.
Grade of Difficulty: Class III-IV (scale I-VI), no previous experience necessary.
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